TEACHing is the art of ASSISTing DISCOVERy.

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Cahul State University
Major – Foreign Languages and Literature
September 2005-Iuly 2009

Cuyahoga Community College, Ohio USA

– TESOL Certified , International House , London UK
July 2013
– COLT IH Certified in Online English Tutoring, International House, London UK
April-May 2016

Conferences, seminars, trainings:

ILTC (International Language Training Centre) Intensive Teaching Course November – December 2012
Teacher Training Workshop, Sergei Nesterenko, International House December 2012
Professional Development Teacher Training seminar, Valya Filonova International House February 2013

PD session “Designing Activities for Fluently Use”, Valya Filonova,
International House
April 2014

PD session “The Difference between Teaching Kids and Adults”
International House
April 2014

Teenagers’Life Skills and Character Development Teacher Training,
Liberty University of Florida
September 2013

Swap-shop on warmers and fillers, ILTC Moldova
March 2014
PD session “Classroom Managemnt and Lesson Planning”, Andriy Ruzhynskiy
IH TESOL and CELTA Trainer
May 2014

PD Session “Client Oriented”, Olga Nesemboim
Business School
September 2015

PD Session with Kevin McCaughey. November 2014

Web-conference “Making connections across borders in ELT’”, IATEFL
October 23-24. 2015

PD session “Fun, communicative activities for adolescents”, ILTC Moldova
February 25, 2016

PD session “The 3 E’s in Teaching Grammar”, Oxana Malcenco, ILTC Moldova
March 14, 2016

PD session with Andriy Ruzhynskiy, IH TESOL and CELTA Trainer
January 2016

PD session “Defining Professional Development and exploring beliefs” with Zhenya Polosatova an ELT/TESOL/TEFL Teacher Trainer, International House
March 15-17, 2016

PD session “How to teach a multilevel class” with Sean Butler, ILTC Moldova
March 24, 2016

PD session with Olga Nesenboim
Business School
September 2016

PD session Presenter “Solutions for Dyslexia”, Mariana Pascal
April 2016

IATEFL Conference 2016, Poland

PD session Co-Presenter “Having Fun with Your Students”, Mariana Pascal and Irina Motpan
November 2016

TraNet Conference
February 2017, Cyprus
Seminar de dezvoltare profesionala, Lana Sushko, “Speaking with Teenagers”, “Primary School Lessons”, March 2017

META Conference Speaker “First Aid Activities”, Mariana Pascal
April 7, 2017

“Telling Stories in Real Context” Training, Kusadasi, Turkey
March, 2018

KidsAcademy English & IT, Founder, Cahul Moldova
June, 2018


Romanian, Russian, English, French

Professional Interests:

Professional and self development, travelling, tailoring, handmade, reading, music